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Create a company video, company movie or corporate movie. The ideal way to promote your company or to attract new clients and clients.
With a video you tell the story of your company in a short time. Make a strong video, instead of having to repeat your message endlessly.
A modern way to visualize your mission, vision, product or expertise.
Introduce your company professionally with a company video to your current or new customers, partners and investors.

What are the advantages?

A corporate video is a perfect way to show your mission, service or product to the outside world and show you what you stand for.

Together with Render Factory, you determine which video concept fits within your company and what your target group is.
This way you get a representative and appealing video, easy to share virally. You reach a large audience.

Corporate film Pharmalabel

Pharmalabel produces labels and innovative prints for laboratories and hospitals. The entire production process can be seen here.
We made this process video, for on their website and exhibition presentation.

Corporate film Smartec Sensors

Here a company video made with photos for Smartec Sensors.
In this short promo, you can see what their sensors measure:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Humidity measurement
  • Radiation measurement
  • Pressure measurement

Van Haperen Dakdekkingen - NEN2767 Inspection measurement

Video for presentation to residential building Wonenbreburg, where "van Haperen Dakdekkingen" carries out a NEN2767 inspection measurement to determine the defects on the roof.

Van Haperen Dakdekkingen - Digital Agenda System

Video for presentation to housing Wonenbreburg, where the handy digital agenda system of "van Haperen Dakdekkingen" can be seen.

Corporate film Bijl Profielen

At Bijl Profiles you can realize glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) profiles, tailored to your needs with all the known advantages that GVK offers.
They make it all for you in the desired color and quality with all the known advantages that glass fiber reinforced polyester offers.
We made this process video, for on their website and exhibition presentation.

Corporate film Bijl Bruggen

In 2004, the first load-bearing Bijl bridge construction was produced. In the past 10 years, Bijl Bruggen has produced many composite bridges.
Their type of bridge is very unique in the way the construction is constructed. The support construction is made up of pultruded glass fiber reinforced polyester profiles.
We made this process video, for on their website and exhibition presentation.

Company video Bijl Polykast

Bijl Polykast produces many products for the transport sector, including: - Corner profiles - Structural parts - Floorboards - Side walls.
For AdBlue distribution, Bijl Polykast produces insulated dispenser units that also serve as a liquid-tight collection facility.
Of course these units are provided with the DiBt quality mark. Because Bijl stands for quality!
We made this process video, for their website and exhibition presentation.

Exhibition video - VST Verbaten - Powder filling machine

VST Prohibited their own designed semi-automatic bag filling machine for powders in flap bags and open mouth bags.
This machine is to transform from valve bag to open mouth bag in about 5 minutes.
And cleaning between changing the product ... This machine is cleaned within 15 minutes!
We made this product presentation video, for their website and exhibition presentation.

Exhibition Presentation - VST Verbaten - Granulate Filling Machine

VST Verbaten their own designed filling machine for Stortgoedtechniek.
We made this product presentation video, for their website and exhibition presentation.

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