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The right atmosphere, the right tone. A mood film is based on emotion.
Play on the right mood of your viewers with a mood film, depending on the goal.
And that can be anything. From curiosity to status. From emotion to pleasure. An optimal experience of your service, product or environment.

How do i let make a mood film?

What emotion do you want to appeal to? What is the purpose of your mood film?
Render Factory will talk to you extensively to touch the sensitive string and thereby produce your mood film.
Always in close cooperation with you. With atmospheric image and the right audio your message comes into its own.

An easy to share film that will touch people and play on various media and channels.


SenseCity is an accessible, contemporary health and meeting center in the profit sector.
This place grants every visitor the unique experience of peace and balance.
In an attractive luxurious ambiance where health, vitality and attention for a healthy lifestyle are central.
New therapies for the future, such as Floating, Massage, Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness or meditation.

Carnival Association the Stampers Boemeldonck 2016

Film that creeps into the experience of both firefighters and builders of a carnival car
This is entirely an own production, from idea to reality.

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